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Fine art print

Ever since I live in beautiful California, I mostly focus on landscape art print. I have a metal print collection (ready to hang), and a digital collection (you receive a high-resolution file and can print the size and the finish of your choice). My last collection includes various finish options (museum art paper, photo paper)

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What’s different with Zabmindful?


As a Reiki practitioner, I always do a session oriented on more protection before I pack your jewelry order.

Reiki is an energy work that helps with healing, calming, balancing the chakras, calming your mind, and your thoughts, release stress and overthinking. It helps balance your energy on a spiritual level. It does not replace any medical treatment or any medical advice.


Selenite is a gemstone known for its cleansing benefits. I do purify all the jewelry on my selenite plate, to ensure I remove all the negative or unwanted energy that could have encountered the stones before getting here.


Yes, there is a human behind it and pretty much all the products are handmade by myself. I am a small business, and I sure put all my love in every piece.

About me

Meet Jenny

Hi, I’m so happy you are here and we’ll get to share together. My name is Jenny, I am the owner of Zabmindful. A company providing peace and mindfulness through my energetic jewelry collections and my peaceful art photography. I want you to feel lighter, protected, in love with yourself. I want you to always remember to be you… you are enough and we need one and each of us.

I moved to California in 2012 with my husband and my two daughters. I grew up in Qu├ębec, Canada, and worked as a secretary for about 8 years. I went from taking care of a team of 20 employees to being a stayed-at-home mom for my little munchkins.

This is when I learned how to work in a photography studio by building one at home. Moving here, I slowly stopped family photoshoot and started chasing sunsets, mountains, rocks, and beaches. As I love to travel, it’s perfect for me!

The last few years, I started a personal growth, which lead me to incorporate more spirituality in my daily routine. In 2022, I became a Reiki practitioner, for my personal practice, and started to make energetic bracelets as it was making me feel better, feel the energy of the gemstones, and I wanted to offer that specific jewels. I am still learning (we all do, right?), yet I am super proud of where I am right now with the products I offer, and I want you to feel as good having them as I have to create them.

Everything is made with love.

My knowledge and interest in energy work grew over the years, as well as what I have been taught, and read. I am making each bracelet with my intuition, and my heart. If you feel that it calls you for any other reason, trust how it makes you feel, it’s yours to appreciate it that way. Even though precious and semi-precious gemstones have some specific known properties, like any energy, it moves in a different way and for a different purpose to each of us.

Trust your intuition!

I love to connect with my costumers, so you are always welcome to contact me through email or social media (Facebook and Instagram) for any questions, comments, or just to say Hi!